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Stewartby Northern Soul Nights

What People say

"What can I say....Stewartby soul night is an absolute Gem. To all soulies on our special scene,if you've never been to this amazing venue...then you don't know what your missing. I try to get there at every opportunity I can depending on my wife's health. I've been on our incredible scene since '77' & been a witness to the various changes(good & bad)that our scene has endured. Venues have come & gone,people have left but eventually returned & the music that we have travelled the length and width of our great Island has gone through many changes it's self. I'm not going to say that Stewartby itself are playing records never heard of before or it's the"place to be seen" ....what I'm saying"in my opinion" is if you want from our scene what our scene was all about & why it's lasted so long,then give it a visit. The vinyl played is across the board & caters for one & all....but the beauty of this great venue are the promoter's,staff & more than that the fantastic people that go and realise what an amazing night it is & don't want it to end. Weather your a regular to this brilliant venue or it's your first time,you know as soon as you've paid to enter that this venue is special. I could rant on about this soul night for ages but it's irrelevant,the relevance of it is if you want to go to a soul night and feel your appreciated when you pay ,chat to real people without any bullshit & also leave at the end of the night still feeling appreciated....then you should at least visit Stewartby to see for yourself and to top it all for £5 for a night of Brilliance. What are you soulies going to lose by giving it a visit compared to not trying it at all...Thank you Ady Potts ,Hammie & Geoff for constantly giving us the music & total satisfaction we crave & also guest D.js like Carl Fortnum who himself always plays to the crowd with the appreciation of us punter's for what incredible vinyl he share's with us from his box. Enough said...try it or not but if you don't,personally in my opinion ,you don't know either way what an awesome night you may or may not be missing for a fiver . Top night always....Sully

review by Terry Sullivan


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